In today’s challenging economic climate, our clients demand advice that is efficient, effective and assists them in navigating the ever changing labor and employment laws in California.  Our team advises on all aspects of employment issues ranging from discrimination, harassment (due to age, race, disability, sexual orientation, etc.) and retaliation cases, to wage and hour, qui tam, whistleblower suits, and all manner of claims that can arise in the workplace.  

Mr. Zamora brings a unique skill set having represented employees and employers on “both side of the V.”  This unique intersection of experience makes Mr. Zamora uniquely qualified to know and understand the pressure points on both sides of an employment dispute.  

Early on in his career Mr. Zamora gained invaluable experience representing first-responders, in particular firefighters in all venues from Skelly meetings to Civil Service hearings.  He has a great admiration for these special civil servants, and has created a niche practice that gives him a unique experience into advocating for them.



Labor and Employment

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